Jordanian composer Ghiya Rushidat is certainly someone to watch. Building on her proven success in Jordan, Ghiya’s work speaks for itself. Completely in command of today’s Hollywood musical vocabulary, her sense of color and melody should carry her far, especially because it includes her sense of passion. I very much look forward to watching her continued growth and success in both the motion picture arena and on the symphony orchestra stage.
— John Beal - Composer, Conductor, Music Supervisor and Orchestrator (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Alien Fury, Finding Neverland)
Ghiya’s music has a unique voice that will leave you breathless–emotional, dynamic, cinematic, and striking. Her music will take you to places you will never forget.
— Sean McMahon - Composer & Orchestrator (The Grudge, Spider Man 3, Ghost Rider)
Ghiya Rushidat is a real talent that has been refined with knowledge and armed with years of experience and adorned with a captivating modesty. Every time we have worked together her ability to fluidly change styles brought something new and exciting to the table. Her broad range of musical styles from Western to Eastern music, as well as more unique flavors such as Bedouin and ethnic music, really allowed her to craft a tone from any culture in the world.
We worked on a number of films together and she was always patient and willing to do more to accomplish the vision towards which the rest of the crew was working. It’s an honor for me to work with her time and time again.
— Mohammed Salameh - Documentary Director (Al Jazeera Channel)
Ghiya Rushidat is a bright, rising star in film composition! She brings creativity and class to everything she does. It has been an absolute pleasure working with her.
— Carl Rydlund - Orchestrator, Conductor, Guitarist (Mission Impossible, Interstellar, Captain America)
“I learned from Ghiya the real meaning of passion and work perfection. Ghiya is very smart and has a brilliant way of understanding the director and achieving their vision through her captivating music.
— Bader Al Homoud - Director (Pen of Mirrors, The Bliss of Being No One)